Quiet times, an upcoming visit and an award

Miniature transparent_1000px

I have to admit that my miniature mojo is on low at the moment. I don´t feel the inspiration quite as I could wish for. But I do have a few thing on the future board, and probably a rainy day will get the creative miniature juices flowing again. It is summer time here in Denmark, I have moved and is now back in my childhood city Aarhus after 25 years away, enjoying big city life and possibilities to the fullest. Actually this year Aarhus is European Capital Culture City of 2017 and a lot of exciting cultural happenings are going on.

In the near future I am looking forward to a very exciting miniature related visit from Australia. Norma from the miniature blog “Make Mine Mini” and her husband are on a Europe trip and will visit Aarhus in july. I am soooooo happy to finally get a chance to meet Norma IRL. She is my blog twin, as we started our miniature blogs on the exact same date and year. And now she is coming to my town, staying at our place for a couple of days. I have promised to show them our Botanical Garden and “Den Gamle By” The Old Town.

A final exciting update on this post. I have been placed nr. 29 on a list of the 100 best miniature blogs. Not sure who makes the list and even what it is based upon, but I´ll say a big THANK YOU!!! and have put the award badge in the sidebar of my website.

Wish you all a wonderful summer and promise that I will be back. Maybe with an update of the Australian visit.




Shelving unit template

As I wrote in the previous post I am working on a range of templates for download. I have launched the first template today.

I have had Susanne from Petit Brocante Miniatures to test the template and also to style and show her unique versions of the shelving unit here on my blog. She has painted a pretty pale rose and styled it with some of her beautiful french brocante items.

The second one also made by Susanne is painted in an industrial grey dusty look and styled with some tiny artist articles. I think her work and what she has done with the template shows the variation span in the use of the shelving unit. The possibilities are endless.

Below is a couple of my own versions for more inspiration. If you are inspired to make the unit yourself, visit my Etsy to buy the template file. And if you make the unit I would be happy to see the finished result when done and maybe show you picture in a future blog post. You can E-mail photos with your name to : weloveminiatures@gmail.com

A small shelving unit

I am currently working on a couple of templates that very soon will be available as digital download.

The first in this new line of miniatures is a small shelving unit. It is inspired by photos from Pinterest of old shop units. I have made some color variations to get you inspired.

It think it will be a great display unit in either a miniature antique shop or haberdashery. It is also usefull in a country kitchen or in the miniature artist studio. Only your imagination sets the limit of the numerous ways to use this shelving unit.

Stay tuned the next couple of days for more inspiration photos to come and for release of the download.

Spring wishes to all of you


I owe you

Hi to all of you wonderful folks that are still following my blog, watching my tutorials and have left comments either here on the blog or on my YouTube channel.

As I told in my previous post I have had some changes in my personal life which has taken up a lot of my time and  creative energy. I haven´t been keeping up with my blog and that´s why I haven´t answered your comments. I have now approved comments but I guess a lot of your questions are outdated and you have given up on me answering.

I know I owe you… I am so sorry and I promise I will answer all of your future comments, so please keep them coming.

Below is a few of the items I have been making recently.

Antique photos

vintage sewing box

A brief update…

Miniature echeveria

To all of you dear miniature friends and followers of WeLoveMiniatures

Just a brief update to you. I am currently going through a divorce which means that Finn is no longer part of WeLoveMiniatures and I will be taking over maintaining the website and doing the layouts and stuff.

I am packing down my home and studio and moving to a smaller condo, I will have a room for my miniature work and video making and I will be back soon making my miniatures and tutorials for you guys. But I will need a lot of work unpacking and having to set up my new studio before I am able to do mere tuts.

Thanks to all of you who have commented recently, I love your comments, so please keep them coming and I´ll do my best to answer you when time allows.

Love to you


Miniature Hosta tutorial

Miniature hosta

Tasha and I have been making miniature Hosta and a video tutorial for you folks to enjoy.

She is quite content with the Hosta but she is even more proud of her new garden apron. She has been going on and on for me to make her a garden apron with pockets for some of her tools. I had a scrap piece of linen from an old skirt I had once, That scrap piece was just enough for making her an apron. Tasha is also wearing her new spring green shawl for today´s photo shoot.

Tashas hosta 2

We are still waiting for spring to arrive here in Denmark and the days are quite chilly. The last few days we have had snow again and it feels like spring is still far away.

One of the plants in my 1:1 garden which I love most and long to see is Hosta. I have a wide variety of them and I enjoy them more for the leaves than for the flowers. In the beginning of summer last year I picked some leaves and photographed for making a print sheet. This is Hosta Sieboldiana “Great Expectations”.

Did you know that Hosta is edible? I didn´t before, but I read somewhere that the young rolled up leaves are very delicious steamed and served with butter. I have to try that this year in the early summer before the slugs takes over the plants.

Tashas hosta 3

You will find the print file for the leaves in the “Freebies” section above. You can print as many as you like and you can sell the finished plants if you want. If you do make my Hosta, I am always happy to get a photo or a link to your blog post to see what you have done. I will also be more than grateful if you pay tribute to my work and post a link to my tutorial and free print file.

Dollhouse miniature hosta

To watch the video tutorial just poke the picture and you will be send directly to YouTube. I hope you´ll enjoy it and feel inspired to have a go with the Hosta making.

Wish you all a wonderful day

Tasha and Annie

With a little help from my friends…

MIniature boxes 1

Life is not the same without a couple of good miniature friends. I had some of my best miniature friends helping me out in the studio today when I was filming a new video tutorial.

Miniature cat

Our cat Ophelia was very insisting on being a part of the work. She didn´t get the instructions quite right and thought she was told to rummage my entire miniature setting and chew an umbrella.

Miniature boxes 2

It was a lot easier to work with Tasha. She a very neat and tidy person and she loved to arrange the boxes and a few props on the table for the photo shooting.

Miniature boxes 3

“Doesn´t this look adorable” she asked when she had placed her lovely button boots and a teddy bear.


I couldn´t have done this arrangement better than Tasha, she a really clever little decorator with a sense for beauty and style. Don´t you agree?


Her wonderful boots are made by Marie from Minis2you and though Tasha rarely wears shoes at all, she adores her creme button boots.


If you want to watch the video that we made today and especially Ophelias guest appearence, click on the picture above. If you want to purchase the Blue Shabby Box file, you can get it here.

Wish you all a wonderful day

Tasha, Ophelia and Annie

La Brocanteuse Antique Miniature Shop

MIniature antique shop 2

Miniature antique shop 3

I made this antique shop a few years ago and had it displayed at a miniature fair in Denmark. It is a standard unfinished wood shop box from the danish dealer Vega. I plastered and painted the walls in shades of grey and painted the windows, door and railing to look as it has been painted, aged during time and repainted several times. I used a dark green as base color, a coat of crackle medium and the dusty blue on top, sanded and then I gave it a wash with my own blend of dirt water solution. Let me know if you would like me to do some close-up shots and a detailed post on this.

MIniature antique shop 5

Beneath the window I made brick wall. I gave it a good layer of plaster and drew the brick lines before it dried and added texture with a toothbrush. I then made a concrete floor using plaster, made some cracks with a knitting pin and glued in moss here and there.

The shabby french chair I won long ago in a giveaway. The chair is made by Marie from Le Petite Monde  Merveillleux. The wire basket is a gift but unfortunately I cannot give credit today as I don´t remember who gave it to me. I think she is dutch and it came with a bike rack she made for me. Please let me know if you know who or if you is she. The cage is an old metal one that I painted and rusted as shown in my rust tutorial.

MIniature antique shop 4

The shop is open as the door sign says. Welcome and please enter the door…. si vous plait. The “open” sign is printed on paper, glued on card stock, lacquered and given a piece of wire to hang on a tiny nail.

MIniature antique shop 6

The old cash register is an old pencil sharpener. The dollhouse on the floor is a tiny jewelry box from the 80´s. On the table in front is a filigree stand that I received as a gift from Finnish Ira who used to blog on Merry Jingle Crafts. Unfortunately she hasn´t done for a long time and I don´t know how she is today. The lovely filigree stand contains a ladies lace collar which is also made by Ira. Thread spools is my work. If you would like to see the old blog post on my gift from Ira click here.

MIniature antique shop 7

The shop also has plastered walls inside in pale shades of grey. The old sewing machine table I painted with a granite top and aged the metal part. The cage, crosses and metal frames I aged using a gold paint mixed with black to make it antique looking, then I gave it a patina effect with a turquoise paint. A simple way to age the look of shiny brass or gold alloy.

Miniature antique shop 8

This pretty shabby storage chest with drawer and french decals is from “Another Cosy Shop” and makes a wonderful display box for a lot of vintage frames and photos. It has lids and can be closed and a top insert with small compartments.

Miniature antique shop 9

MIniature antique shop 10

On the old writing desk some curiosities are displayed. An old crystal ball, an inkwell with feather pen, an antique viking drinking horn, A sea urchin that a friend found on the beach and brought me. And a rare shark tooth collection in display case made by Lauren Delaney.

MIniature antique shop 11

More curiosities. A creature in a glass dome, A magic bottle from Glenda Howell from Peppercorn Minis. If you want to read an old post and see more pics of the magic bottles go to my old blog here. In the back a display box with an old pirate dagger, a glass stand with birds nest, an old picture and a bust with a hat that might have belonged to the danish author H.C Andersen himself.

Miniature antique shop 12

In the corner behind the dress form is a couple of antique Aubusson carpet, and old iron fence, a garden urn with ornamental decor sticks. On the shelves some silver trays, pretty floral plates from TwelveTimesMoreTiny  and ALavenderDilly. The tiny silver cup with two handles is a jewelry charm from my childhood silver bracelet.

MIniature antique shop 13

The gold chair has a beautiful blue toile print fabric that I purchased from LoLittleMIniatures Etsy shop.

Miniature antique shop 14

The radiator is cast resin that I painted silver and dusted by dry brushing on a white paint. The black hatbox is made of a paper roll from kitchen towel and card stock. The brown “hatbox” is a vintage pharmacie box and a gift from my daughter which she found in Paris. It is the smallest of a set of 6.

Miniature antique shop 15

Plastered wall, some birdcages, a deer´s head and ballet painting in gold frame. Seeing the photos of the shop that I made long ago, makes me want to fill in a lot of more stuff. I might do that one day very soon and then make an update to this post. All photos are taken by my husband Finn and he also did a cute video of the antique shop .

Miniature antique shop

Poke the picture to go to our YouTube channel and watch the video.