As mentioned I planned to use coffee stirrers for the facade. Started out with this wondow piece. I use a brown base  acrylic paint.

Then I gave a crackle effect, left it to dry and painted white…. But…. I didn´t crackle as wished. And to be honest it was quite a job to cut all those stirrers.

I then dicided to use paint stirres instead for the rest of the house. Very easy to cut and glue and certainly works better with my lack of patience… and best of all I got the crackle effect I desired.

This is a close up of the porch floor. I gave it a diluted brownish wash. I aimed to go for a weathered larch look and had to give it a grey wash on top.

Finished the porch wall and floor, I got a bit troubled on how to fit the corners when working on the cladding..(is that the word for the wood facade) I´ve been on and off to what to do. Finally I decided on a probably cowardly decision….to go for a plastered facade on first floor. What do you think? Should I go for plastered for the rest of the house or try struggling with the wood cladding?

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  1. Simon

    Hi Annie
    I think the paint effect looks great! And the aged wooden planks. I’ll be reading this again when I’m ageing my house.
    I’m so impressed at how quickly it’s all coming together.
    Best wishes

  2. Norma

    This is easy for me to say, sitting in my armchair on the other side of the world and not struggling with the sticks but I’d keep going with the wooden boards. Then again I’m biased because I so love Julien Martinez’s house, and also this wooden siding is typical of New Zealand houses (and known there as’weatherboards’) but seldom seen in Australia (because of termites and also because materials for brick and tile are much more readily available here than wood is) so I definitely have an emotional connection to wooden cladding. If you are going to go for the plaster on the upper floor, I do like Indy Poppy’s idea of putting a porch roof between the two floors. If I wasn’t so far away I’d pop over for a wine and a chat and I’d help you cut and glue 🙂

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