I am Annie, miniature creator behind WeLoveMiniatures, previously GypsyBoudoirMiniature.

I make handmade miniatures in scale 1:12 and video tutorials on how to make my miniatures.

You can contact me at: weloveminiatures(at)gmail.com


14 thoughts on “About

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hej Britt

      Velkommen til WeLoveMiniatures. Det er en glæde at du nyder mit miniaturearbejde, og tak for at dele linket til dine sider, dem må jeg kigge nærmere på 🙂

      Efterårshilsner Annie

  1. Annie Christensen Post author

    Hej Hanne Marie og velkommen til min side.

    Hvad mon går galt med betalingen, er det Etsy eller din paypal der driller?

    Vi finder en løsning på problemet. Jeg skriver til dig på Facebook 🙂


  2. Carlo Spirito

    Hello! I just discovered your site and magazine.
    Have you done a tutorial on making a climbing vine, with leaves, like ivy?
    Not too dense leaves, with lots of stems showing. If not, please consider it.
    Thank you, Carlo

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi Carlo and welcome to WeLoveMiniatures 🙂 I have just recently started making video tutorials and climbing vine is not one of them 🙁 I will consider your suggestion, but I have never even made a climbing vine myself yet.

      Best wishes

  3. Maggie

    Do you speak Swedish? If so, did you grow up speaking it? I am also having troubles finding templates for your miniature book pages. I love your tutorials!

  4. A.Mills

    Hello, I just came across you making miniatures books video on YouTube, I would like to find out the name of the tool you used to score the lines for folding on the book cover.

    Thank You

  5. Claudia Burg

    Hello, I like your tutorial on making miniature books💓💓, but I can’t find the printables for that book – can you help me please☺️

  6. CYNDE

    Happy days ahead. I just found your blog and love all you do and share.
    Your talent is incredible
    And your dedication
    To your work is admirable. Continue your journey and always be you.

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Thanks you Cynde for your nice words and appreciation. My journey is taking new turns but my miniature ideas are evolving and I am making new ideas come through… Keep up in the near future 🙂

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