Antique miniature books

I have made 8 antique miniature books as digital downloads. They are available in my Etsy shop and as metioned in the previous post, I have also made a video tutorial on how to make the books. Both my shop and the video is to be found here on my website

Book of poultry

Wright´s Book of Poultry 1880

Florist botanicals

J. Duke Compleat Florist Botanicals 1747

La temple des muses

Les Temples Des Muses 1733

Fruit growers guide

Wright´s Fruit Grower´s Guide 1891

Medical botany

Woodville Medical Botany 1790

Musical entertainer

Bickham´s Musical Entertainer 1737


Philipo Bonnani Shells 1684

Harmonia ruralis

James Bolton Harmonia Ruralis 1845

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