At little this and a little that…

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Though it is still winter here in Denmark, the days are getting longer and gives promises of spring arriving soon. I miss working in my garden and while longing for the weather to permit me to do some garden chores, I have to settle with doing some miniature garden preparations.

Tasha is also longing for spring, and she spends hours looking through some of her old botanical magazines and seed catalogs. She has for years and years studied these magazines again and again and they are pretty worn by now.

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Tasha is also preparing for this seasons seed sowing and she has imported a pallet full of her favorite organic potting soil, which she will be selling from her flower shop “La Petite Rue Sauvage”.


Tasha and I are making a roof garden on top of the flower shop. We have done some ground scaping work and putting up an iron fence.

Today we planted a lot of boxwood in pots and urns. They are a special sort of boxwood which is developed and grown by me and Tasha using wheat bulgur.

We would love to share with you how to grow these boxwood and have made a video tutorial on how to do.

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To see how you can grow your own boxwood, go to our YouTube channel here.

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3 thoughts on “At little this and a little that…

  1. Mary

    I watched your tutorial on how to make a boxwood. You coloured a cotton ball (not styrofoam)? and I could not catch the name of the seed or grain from the kitchen that you used to glue onto the sphere. Would you write that down for me so I can try to find it here and try to make one of your boxwoods, please? I have been enjoying your videos and like the reference pdf’s you provided also.

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi Mary and welcome to WeLoveMiniatures 🙂
      The ball is not styrofoam but a ball of pressed paper I guess. The grain is bulgar, crushed wheat. You could also use couscous but the texture will be a bit different.
      Glad you like my videos 🙂
      Best wishes Annie

      1. Mary Lou

        Thank you for your reply and I am sorry it took so long to thank you for it. My computer logic board needs to be replaced and until the repairman gets back, I am trying to keep using it but it keeps freezing up at the worst times! lol I look forward to making these boxwoods and will look at more of your tutorials too! – Again, thank you, Mary Lou

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