Become a follower and join the giveaway…

The giveaway íncludes all items except for the table

I have decided no longer to post on Obsidian Hall, but I would of course like all of my friends and followers to join me here instead. I will use this blog not just to promote my miniatures and my webshop, but also to make updates on my next house (soon to be revealed) I have bought an Apple Blossom 🙂

So folks… Please join this blog and become a follower to participate in this giveaway… and remember to make a comment to this post to let me know of your participation.

The winner will be drawn on my birthday August the 30th.

89 thoughts on “Become a follower and join the giveaway…

  1. Drora's minimundo

    Good luck with your future projects! Thank you for the chance to participate in your
    giveaway. I’ll put your link on the sidebar of my blog as soon as you publish a picture of your giveaway.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. mcddiss

    claro que me encantara seguirte en este blog , y me gustaria mucho participar en ese sorteo . con tu permiso cogere una foto de tu blog para promocionar el sorteo en mi blog
    y espero que tu tienda tenga mucho exito



  3. Jackie

    Hi Annie, I’m following you over on this new blog too! I was a follow of your old blog for a while, glad to be here now. 😀 Please count me in for the giveaway!

    Many mini hugs,

  4. 12Create

    I would love to continue to follow your progress with your houses and have now joined this site. I look forward to seeing what your next house is. Please count me in for your Giveaway.

  5. Flora

    And here I am, here too. For nothing in the world I would miss your giveaway, nor the news about the new dollhouse 🙂
    Therefor, count in me 🙂
    Lovely hugs,

  6. Kikka N

    God Luck to your new blog! I’ll look if I have’t already joined your new blog..then I’ll do it right away!
    please count me in into your wonderful giveaway!

    1. Kikka N

      I have been for a while your follower, I kind of misunderstood first that there is somewhere another new blog… 🙂
      I did put the link into my blog also.

  7. PAKY

    I know your blog through Drora blog and I liked it, although I am a recent follower, I like to participate in a draw. I’ll announce it on my blog. Greetings.

  8. Nellina Maricchiolo

    your works are wonderful, it’s the style that I like for a dollhouse. I also follow the work of your new home, beautiful pictures of the houses that inspires you, a house is not ghost if it is inhabited! nice your store. i add you in favorites of my blog and I have joy of participate to your generous giveaway.Nellina

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