Christmas workshop at Gypsy Boudoir Miniatures

miniature workshop Gypsy Boudoir Miniatures 3Maybe you think it is a waste of time to visit workshops or maybe you think it is better to be home by yourself and try to learn those miniature tips and tricks from a YouTube video.

Well there is nothing that can beat a well-organized workshop in the heart of the artist’s studio together with fellow course participants – and that’s what Annie offer at the Old Train Station.

This time the theme for the workshop was Christmas Ornaments and yesterday the small shop and showroom was converted to a workshop with room for 8 miniature course participants who spend 5 hours under the guiding wings of Annie.

Well I think you can imagine the talk and cozy atmosphere during such a workshop and that is something you never get when watching a tutorial at YouTube.

miniature workshop Gypsy Boudoir Miniatures

Did I mention that Annie also offer lunch for the participants – well maybe there is a concept to build upon?

What about a miniature holiday course for international customers – would you travel and spend your holiday this way?

miniature workshop Gypsy Boudoir Miniatures 2

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