Collecting miniature details


Maybe you know the impatience from the time a new miniature idea gets stuck in the head, through the long proces of planning the house, the rooms, the interior, not to forget all the construction work, painting, flooring, panelling to do and doing hundreds and hundreds of tiny details before the house house can be filled with miniature treasures.

I admit being impatient and I am always excited for that time in the proces, when I can start decorating and place all the tiny details. But this project is in it´s very very early beginning and Tashas Cottage hasn´t even been build yet. But I have been going through my boxes to look for miniatures to go with the kitchen planning. I have also bought a few new things for the cottage kitchen. To stay inspired and on track with the theme, I love to display the items as motivation.


I have been looking at photos from Tasha Tudors original kitchen and wanted a dry sink and water pump. I found this Chrysnbon kit and I love the detailing in these kits even though it is plastic. I bought this kit and a couple more for Tashas cottage kitchen at Miniseum. After painting and aging I guess not many would assume this is a plastic piece.

As mentioned I am not going to be 100% copying the original house and interior, but more being inspired by the cottage style and Tashas lifestyle, and the color I chose for this is not like her original kitchen sink, but I really love this dusty blue and it felt so right for this furniture.

What do you think about the wood counter top and sink? I had a hard time making it look like aged wood, but finally got a result I can accept. If you have any tips on how to paint Chrysnbon to look like wood, please let me know.


The shelve in the back and the towel rack is both from same Chrysnbon kit as the kitchen sink, so is the coffee grinder. The house maid box is from Jane Harrop and I previously made a blog post about. You can find it here.  The oval basket and the picnic basket is resin and repainted by me to look more authentic. The kitchen brush in the tiny basket is made by my mum and the pill bottle is made by dutch Hanneke Verheem who also makes the most wonderful and realistic winebottles. She doesn´t have a webpage but she can be found on Facebook.


More kitchen items. The cabinet in the back is bought years ago from a miniature club in Denmark. The chicken is also an old thing that will go perfectly in Tashas kitchen. The cutting board and the tiny amazing wooden mortar with pestle is from Weston Miniature. You can find their shop on Etsy here.

The wooden bowls are also found on Etsy and made in Latvia by Sawdustminis.

The beautiful blue ceramic pot with lid I bought at the Miniature fair in Farum Denmark. It is made by french Elizabeth Causerlet. The green glass bottle, also bought at the fair, is made by dutch Leo Reijnders.

On top of the cabinet is a sponge cake with coffee glaze and cherries made by 2smartminiatures.


In the background you can see a pretty picnic blanket that is not exactly a kitchen prob. It is made by Pat Tyler who has a shop on Etsy. He has a lot of wonderful miniatures, and is worth a visit.

More resin baskets repainted, you can´t have too many basket in a cottage home. The pretty dough bowls and pitcher is made by danish Lisbeth Pedersen and can be purchased on


And then to the food department. Baskets with apples and berries is from Abasketof from UK. You find their Etsy shop here. Eggs are my own creation and made some 30 years ago. The delicious pie with sugar sprinkle is made by Christel Jensen from The Mini Mice. The juicy roasted chicken and the bread behind is both made by Tanja from Sugarcharmshop. And finally the honey glass with spoon is made by Carlotta from Cinen.

All the miniature items above will find a place in the Tasha Tudor cottage kitchen one day along with hopefully many more tiny wonders.

Wonderful 1th. september to you all




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