How we make nicely framed miniature pictures

When we do not use the DSLR Camera to shoot pictures of the miniature articles and want to make a quick post on facebook etc. we just use our iPhone. There are se several cool apps and you can just use the build in camera but I prefer to take pictures with the app Camera+

miniatures 2

Camera+ is packed with many filters and possibilities to edit the pictures so it is very easy to shoot and get them ready for your homepage or Facebook. If you use them for your own blog I recommend that you save them in jpeg and compress them via a photo editor software before you upload them to your homepage. A photo can easily be 2MB or more in file size and that is too much. This is to avoid the heavy load time of the page, something that Google do not like. It is especially important if you host your homepage on your own domain.

mzl.nicvqdjuAnother app that I use on my iPhone is a free app called Instapicframe. This app combines multiple pictures from your camera roll on your iPhone and then you place them in the frames so you can make a very nice looking photo collage. I used this app for the pictures I have made from Annie´s showroom and included in this article. It´s very easy and you can chose from several frame options. You can also adjust the pictures individually within each frame + many other functions like using filters etc.

So if you have a Smartphone with a good camera I really recommend using it to take pictures of your own miniatures. This is not to say that it can substitute a professional DSLR, but in most cases it comes very handy.

In the picture below I have chosen to make a thin frame border – something you can adjust within Instapicframe. I think a thin frame border looks better because it brings the individual pictures within the frames more in focus.

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