Meet Tasha Tudor


Let me introduce to you: Tasha Tudor in scale 1:12 has taken the trip from Sweden to Denmark. She is going to live in her wood cottage surrounded by her wonderful flower garden. Take a closer look at these tiny facial features. She is amazingly done and I love her soul full expression.



This wonderful little lady with her tiny wrinkled face and wise deep eyes is made by the talented Marie Creutz. Marie is not as well known for her wonderful dolls as she is known for her skills in miniature shoe making. If you want to see more of Maries miniature work, visit her Etsyshop Minis2you.


Tasha is dressed in a pretty linen blouse with tiny flowers and lace, skirt and an checkered apron. She is wearing a head scarf and no shoes. She a daughter of nature and prefers to walk barefooted in the garden. When she arrived here I gave her a dark blue handknitted shawl to keep her warm in the misty september mornings.



I hope you will enjoy following the making of my Tasha Tudor Cottage project

Miniature hugs


7 thoughts on “Meet Tasha Tudor

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Thank you for your comment Caroline and I hope you´ll enjoy following my project though you your self are a cottage master 🙂

      Hugs Annie

  1. Norma

    She has a really wonderful face, soulful as you say, I think she’s seen many many sad things in her life, hopefully moving into the ‘new’ cottage will be a bright spot in her long life I had no idea that Marie made dolls so it’s a real surprise that she is the maker of this special woman.

  2. Karine Brooks

    Wonderful project to be working on . I too have a Tasha in my doll cottage and would love to knit her a shawl like the one you made. Please can you please post the instructions? I am a beginning knitter but I think I could do this project.


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