Miniatur Wunderland

We made a trip to Hamburg and visited the exhibition of Miniatur Wunderland. This is the largest model reailworld in the world. Covering a florplan of more than 10.000 sqm and with a total model plan of more than 2.300 sqm – this is absolutely encredible.

Before you get in to the actual model plans they showcase some constructions where you can get a close look at all the details. Miniatur WunderlandAllready here you get the impresions of very serius model craftmanship.

miniatur_wunderland_3Above is a picture of the comming section with scenaries from Italy. It is very nice that you can get a look at the actual construction of the sections.

miniatur_wunderland_4The first section you enter is the Swiss section. This section is 250 square meters and represents 3 regions of Switzerland.

miniatur_wunderland_5An amazing festival venue with live performance and actual screens.

miniatur_wunderland_6Tunnels through the mountains is a natural part of the Swiss landscape. All vehicles have light and it makes the whole scene much more alive.

miniatur_wunderland_7On the mountain you find this beautiful scene of a Medieval Festival.

miniatur_wunderland_8And then suddenly it gets dark. 24 hours is shortened to 15 minutes in Miniatur Wunderland. The light is perfectly controled so you get the feeling that the day ends and a new starts.

miniatur_wunderland_9And it´s just like you are standing in a building and looking down on the street from the windows.

miniatur_wunderland_10And slowly it turns into daylight again and a new day in Miniatur Wunderland begins.

miniatur_wunderland_11The scenary from the mountains is absolutely fantastic.

miniatur_wunderland_12Some of the cars are actually driving.

miniatur_wunderland_13Knuffingen Airport. Around 40 plains and some of them are taxing to and from the gates.

miniatur_wunderland_14Even at night the airport is busy. Flights getting loaded and taxi out to take off.

miniatur_wunderland_15Front of the airport. Lots of cars and you get the feeling of arriving in a busy airport.

miniatur_wunderland_16And this may look at the control tower for the airport but it is the control center for Minatur Wunderland.

miniatur_wunderland_17You never stop getting amazed by all the details…this bike has lights!

miniatur_wunderland_18The HSV Arena in Hamburg.

miniatur_wunderland_19Fire in the house.

miniatur_wunderland_20Then we jump to Scandinavia area. You can not see it from the picture but they simulate high and low tide every 30 minutes.

miniatur_wunderland_21Windmills and bridges.

miniatur_wunderland_22Snowy city in Sweden.

miniatur_wunderland_23Very nice details with snow at this factory.

miniatur_wunderland_24And then a quick trip over the ocean to the wild west of Las Vegas.

miniatur_wunderland_25And we stop with this lovely scene – see the Christmas lights in the trees.

You can visit the homepage of Minatur Wunderland here

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