Miniature chrysanthemum tutorial

Miniature crysanthemum 1

I have been making miniature chrysanthemums for the Tasha Tudor garden. There are many different looks and ways to make the chrysanthemum, this is my version. The pink in the back is made from pale pink copy paper and the one in front, is the one I´ll show in this tutorial. It is made from pale yellow copy paper. The foliage is punched from distressed green card stock.

Miniature crysanthemum 2

These are the things you´ll need to make the chrysanthemum: Thin foam board or mouse mat. Green wire gauge 30-32. Paper punches, tweezers and a tool for shaping the petals. I forgot a needle in the picture, but you´ll need that too.

Miniature crysanthemum 3

This is the flowers and leaves you´ll need to make one large flower. You can use a regular printer paper in the color choice of your own. I have used a pale yellow paper and then I colorize it further when it is done. You can also color the paper with watercolor before making the flower. There is no right way to do it, but I advice to make some testings to find the method and colors that you prefer.

Miniature crysanthemum 4

First you´ll need to make holes in the center of each flower. I use a double layer of foam board when doing that. You need holes that are big enough to get the wire stem through.

Miniature crysanthemum 5

No it is time for shaping your flowers. The two flowers with 6 petals is for the center. Shape each petal by pressing the tool on each petal tip. You´ll need the flower to curl up like a tiny ball.

Miniature crysanthemum 6

Stick the wire through your flower and glue to the tip. Attach both center flowers and note to place the petals displaced. (Is that really the right word?) The two flowers should be shaped like a small closed center, use your fingers to do that.

Miniature crysanthemum 7

Leave them to dry while shaping 3 of the flowers with 8 petals. (Sorry for the blurry picture) Shape these as before by pressing your tool down on each petal. Use your tweezers to make them like 3 different stages of open. You can shape them further with tweezers or fingers when they are glued to the wire stem.

Miniature crysanthemum 8

A close up on how to glue the flowers to the stem. Add a tiny touch of glue with a toothpick on the bottom of the previous flower before pushing the next in place. You might have to use the tweezers to get the petals in place. Now you have 2+3 flowers in place. Leave them to dry.

Miniature crysanthemum 9

The last two flowers is shaped as before, but these are then turned upside down and pressed down carefully in the center.  I hope the pictures explains the process better than my english.

Miniature crysanthemum 10

Bottom flowers are now glued in place with the petals pointing downwards. This is the time for shaping the flower to the wanted look. Use your tweezers to place the petals until you are satisfied with the result. Google some chrysanthemum pictures to get inspiration for the final shaping.

Miniature crysanthemum 11

And then it is time for coloring if you haven´t done it previously. I used artist chalk in yellow , ocher and rusty colors.

Miniature crysanthemum 12

Carefully brushed on to the flower until you are satisfied with the color tones.

Miniature crysanthemum 13

These two flowers are colored with the same chalks, the color difference is determined by the color of the paper I have used.

Miniature crysanthemum 14

Unfortunately I didn´t get a picture of when I shaped the foliage/leaves. As mentioned they are made from heavier paper than the flowers. I have used a antique green distressed card stock that gives a natural dark green look.

Press while drawing a line along the middle of the leaves with a needle. Use your fingers to shape each leave before gluing to the stem. I always use tacky glue for flower making, but any quick drying glue can be used as long as it dries up clear. For a final finishing touch I sprayed the flowers with a clear spray glue.

If you have any questions to the tutorial please leave a comment, and I´ll try to clarify the process.

You don´t have to have a question to comment, I love getting comments from my readers and I will answer all of you.

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24 thoughts on “Miniature chrysanthemum tutorial

  1. Ulla johansen

    As always just BEATYFUL made Annie 🌹
    And thank you for the nice tutorial, Will try myself in the long and Dark Winther
    Best wishes from

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Thanks a lot Ulla…. Yes the cold danish winter should leave some time for flower making and summer dreams.
      Mini hugs Annie

  2. Bente Østergren

    Du har laget noen veldig flotte blomster, de punchene som du har brukt selger du de eller eventuelt hvor kjøpes de.
    Takk for alt du deler med oss her ute, du lager så mange fine miniatyrer.
    Vennlig hilsen

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Tusind tak Bente for dine søde ord 🙂 Jeg sælger ikke punches, men de som er brugt til chrysanthemum er alle købt i Obs! at det er de mindste punches, du skal bruge.

      KH Annie

  3. elizabeth s

    Hi Annie! I am Loving these chrysanthemums of yours! The shape is perfect as is the added bit of chalk color used to finish them with. I will DEFINITELY plan on making some of these in the future! 😀


    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      So thrilled that I can be an inspiretion to you too Elizabeth. I have browsed your Dolphin Street garden many times to get ideas on flowers and plants and I admire your work IMMENSELY 🙂

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi Pamela. THank you for your comment, and I am so sorry for the delayed answer to your question. I usually buy my punches in danish craft stores or find them on Etsy. A lot of the punches I use are from The Punch Bunch and from Nellie Snellen.

  4. william oneill

    Hello I love these flowers do you sell them by any chance i need 1/2 dozzen white ones please let me know Happy new year William Oneill

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi William
      Unfortunately I don´t make the flowers for sale at the moment, but why don´t you just make them yourself? They are easy to do 🙂

  5. Susan Hamilton

    This is about the easiest tutorial to follow that I’ve ever seen. I plan to make a bunch of these as soon as I can get the proper punches. Thank you for such a great tutorial and most excellent photos.

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Welcome to our website Susan 🙂 So glad you like the tutorial and find it easy to understand. I am planning on doing a video tutorial on these too.

      Best wishes Annie

  6. Sharon

    As I am very new to the world of miniatures I am amazed at the brilliant things that I have seen on here. The flowers are lovely and look so realistic your very talented Annie. Do you have anymore tutorials on Pinterest.

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi Sharon and welcome to this wonderful miniature universe, which gives many of us lots of joy, fun moments and new friendships around the world. All of my tutorials you will find links for in the “tutorial” section here. Wish you great fun on your miniature journey 🙂
      Best wishes

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