Miniature echeveria

I am currently working at my miniature flower shop project “Petite Rue Sauvage” and I have been making a whole lot of miniature succulents/echeverias for the shop. I have used different colors of card stock and different paper punches to get a wide variation of echeverias.

Miniature echeveria 1

I also made the drawer with tiny rooms for displaying cards, signs, letters and mini pots on the counter.

I really love the tiniest echeverias, but I have to admit, they can be quite difficult to make the smaller they get.

Miniature echeveria 2

If you would like to have a go on making echeverias from card stock, you might like my new video tutorial.

You´ll find it on my YouTube channel here. 

Miniature echeveria


One thought on “Miniature echeveria

  1. Lucille Poirier

    Hi, I’m looking for 30 miniature echeveria glauca or similar to plant in 30 very small clay pots. Can you tell me where to find some ?

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