Miniature Hosta tutorial

Miniature hosta

Tasha and I have been making miniature Hosta and a video tutorial for you folks to enjoy.

She is quite content with the Hosta but she is even more proud of her new garden apron. She has been going on and on for me to make her a garden apron with pockets for some of her tools. I had a scrap piece of linen from an old skirt I had once, That scrap piece was just enough for making her an apron. Tasha is also wearing her new spring green shawl for today´s photo shoot.

Tashas hosta 2

We are still waiting for spring to arrive here in Denmark and the days are quite chilly. The last few days we have had snow again and it feels like spring is still far away.

One of the plants in my 1:1 garden which I love most and long to see is Hosta. I have a wide variety of them and I enjoy them more for the leaves than for the flowers. In the beginning of summer last year I picked some leaves and photographed for making a print sheet. This is Hosta Sieboldiana “Great Expectations”.

Did you know that Hosta is edible? I didn´t before, but I read somewhere that the young rolled up leaves are very delicious steamed and served with butter. I have to try that this year in the early summer before the slugs takes over the plants.

Tashas hosta 3

You will find the print file for the leaves in the “Freebies” section above. You can print as many as you like and you can sell the finished plants if you want. If you do make my Hosta, I am always happy to get a photo or a link to your blog post to see what you have done. I will also be more than grateful if you pay tribute to my work and post a link to my tutorial and free print file.

Dollhouse miniature hosta

To watch the video tutorial just poke the picture and you will be send directly to YouTube. I hope you´ll enjoy it and feel inspired to have a go with the Hosta making.

Wish you all a wonderful day

Tasha and Annie

9 thoughts on “Miniature Hosta tutorial

  1. Rhonda

    Hostas are one of my favorite plant! I remember my mother growing them so beautifully in Tennessee. However, here in Florida, hostas are a sweet treat for the snails and slugs. It’s really a losing battle, but because of my love for these lovely plants, I keep on trying! I’m sure, though, I’d be more successful at “growing” them for my dollhouse! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi Rhonda. It´s exactly the same issue here. I love hostas in all variations but so do the slugs, and we have been invaded for the past 10 years from slugs from Spain due to the climate change. The are all-eating predators and gardening is not as fun at it once were.
      I guess miniature growing is far more uncomplicated 🙂

      1. Carol Rice

        Just need to spread slug bait around them twice a year, Spring and early September. They will go buy-buy. Slug bait can be purchased at a hardware store or nursery.

        1. Annie Christensen Post author

          Hi Carol and thanks for your advice. I moved from both husband, house, garden and slugs more than a year ago. So not an issue any longer 😉

  2. The Grandmommy

    Hi Annie!
    Those are the best looking mini hostas ever. I am going to make some and I think it is so sweet that you don’t care if they are sold. I never understood why people make that rule about not selling them.
    Now, I know I am not alone in trying without success to grow them. I don’t remember seeing slugs around them but that does not mean they are not there!

  3. Deborah

    use beer traps for the slugs. Get a jar bury it halfway into the soil at an angle and put a little bit of beer in the bottom. Slugs and snails are attracted to the yeast in the beer go into the jar get drunk and die. Safe way of getting rid of them without hurting anything else.


    Hi Annie
    thank you for your wonderful tutorials! Love the hostas and the lavendar, made both with great results.
    kind regards

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