My house has arrived yeahhh….

My Apple Blossom arrived Friday. I unpacked it and felt quite surpriced by the number of wooden pieces in the box. I promised myself that I would carefully read and follow the instructions 100%, but already after the first 25 pieces was glued together, I discovered I had forgotten 4 small pieces….

What´s a woman to do?
I guess when I have finished the house I will have a lot of excess pieces that I can use for something exciting 😉

I bought the plain plywood model because I want to cover it myself, to make the facade look more realistic. So I have bought thousands of thin and long wooden coffee stirrers.
Today I have made my first attempt. Think I´m quite satisfied with the look. Next I want to try my paint and crackle ideas on this piece before going further.

Unfortunatly I haven´t had a lot of time to spend on the house today, I had a tax matter to finish for tomorrow. Being both a carpenter and a business woman and shopowner is just quite time consuming… besides my pay job.

But as my mum always said… “Rome wasn´t build in one day”…. neither is my Apple Blossom 😉

Hope you´ll hang on to see more Progress during the week.

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