New workshop….

I have just planned my next workshop. As some of you probably know, I´ve been having workshops here  in my miniatures shop at our Old Train Station. I have had quite a lot of request for marbleing tecnique…. so I thought I might better make a workshop.

As I´m located in the countryside in tiny Denmark, my pupils are Danish, but coming from all of the country though. I love to teach excited miniaturists, but the social part is great too. We usually laugh and talk  a lot, sometimes I even have to be the strict teacher and ask for some quit, to be able to explain my tecniques.

3 thoughts on “New workshop….

    1. anniefryd

      Hi Marilyn and welcome 🙂 I have not yet considered making online workshops, but maybe in the future.
      Rgarding the US shipment, I already ship to the states, but the English web version is not finished, we are working on it. Until then foreign custumers have to translate and calculate currency them self. Hope to be ready with an English version in a week or two.

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