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I have finally published the first issue of my new miniature Magazine We Love Miniatures. It is a free online publication and you are welcome to download it and print yourself. It is published in both Danish and English. To view the magazine click on the picture of either the English or the Danish to choose language.

Jeg har endelig nået udgivelsen af første nummer af mit nye miniature-magasin We Love Miniatures. Det er et gratis onlinemagasin og du er meget velkommen til at downloade og printe det selv. Det er udgivet på både engelsk og dansk. For at læse magasinet skal du trykke på billedet, ENGLISH EDITION eller DANSK UDGAVE afhængig af hvilket sprog du ønsker.



4 thoughts on “Online magazine – We Love Miniatures

  1. Norma Bennett

    Congratulations Annie!! I’ve had a look at the online magazine and you have done a wonderful job, it looks really great. And of course all the miniatures featured are just fabulous.

    1. anniefryd

      Thanks a lot dear Norma. I´m glad you found your way to my blog here. I´m not good a blogging as once and I owe a lot of blog visits out there. I have been to yours and I miss the tiny red book you used to have in your header. Hope you are well. HUGS

  2. Michele

    What a wonderful magazine…loved looking thru it…such wonderful images and miniatures…it is a peaceful magazine that takes you on a journey. I do wish there were more tutorials, but the magazine is wonderful…Thank you for sharing it!
    Glad I found this site.

    1. Annie Fryd

      Hi Michele and welcome to my website 🙂 I am happy that you like the magazine, I am currently working on the next issue. As to your wish for more tutorials, I am considering that, but since I do all of the magazine all by myself, from making most of the minis to doing the photo shoots and texts and layout, I won´t be able to do more tuts at the moment due to the time consuming task it is and that it´s a non-profit work for me.
      Hopefully in time, the magazine will grow a long with the number of readers 🙂
      Best wishes Annie

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