Video from La Brocanteuse Miniature Shop

Hi Miniature friends

Finn here, with a new video from Annies adorable La Brocanteuse Miniature Antique Shop. Long time ago I asked Annie if I could make a small video from her lovely miniature shop with antiques – and here it is. Click on the picture to watch the video.

Miniature antique shop

In the shop you find beautiful miniatures. Creations from Annie and many of her miniature friends. Annie has promised to make a new blog post with pictures from the shop and credits to all who has made items for her shop.

Enjoy the video

YouTube and video tutorials

Miniature zinc pots

As most of you have noticed, I have made a lot of video tutorials the past weeks. I am having great fun doing this and I truly enjoy sharing my tips and tricks with you guys. And even more I love seeing what you have made out of my tutorials.

I have made some small zinc flower pots from the same template as i used for the clay pots. Doing that I decided to do a tutorial on how to paint zinc effect. You will find a link for the zinc paint effect under “tutorials”.

MIniature lanterne1

A couple of years ago I made lanterns and I used to sell these as a kit for sale. Now I have made a tutorial on how to make them and a free template for you to download. I recommend to print the template on card stock. You can print more than one template on your card stock, just turn the paper around and print again. That way you don´t get that much paper waste.

MIniature lantern2

This lantern is aged as shown in the tutorial and then rusted with “Scenic rust”. You can also rust your lanterns using the cinnamon method from one of my previous videos.

Bike crate2

And then a few flowers and herbs Tasha and I potted yesterday for an upcoming fair. I am going to exhibit my flower shop and Tasha is of course going with me. More about this in another post, where I will also show you her new suitcase and spring green shawl.

Auriculas and clay pots


I have been making Auriculas or Primulas. I am not sure of the English name and not an expert in the difference between Auriculas and Primulas. Anyway I have a new found love for these flowers and I might start a small collection of the flowers in both miniature scale and scale 1:1.


I have made three different colors, but I think I´m going to make a whole range of colors and types and make a miniature auricle theater. And for that I will need a lot of flower pots, and since I cannot afford buying the wonderful clay pots from Clive Brooker, I have to do my own. I found a description on Amber´s House for her wonderful pots made using card stock. Thanks Amber for sharing your tutorials and beautiful work.

Since my over all favorite material is paper and card stock, as it is both cheap and easy to work with, I decided to make my own interpretation of the clay pots.


It is no secret that I am a perfectionist and mostly have to make several attempts on a new miniature project, before being satisfied with the final result. In this photo you can see my attempts on Auricles. From the left my first, second and final result. I tried different types of paper and ended up using copy paper that I hand colored. These pots are not the card stock ones, but real clay pots I bought from Minipot in Denmark. Visit their website to see the pretty post and ceramics that Lisbeth does.


I punch out the flowers, soak them and color them with watercolor or diluted acrylic paint before I shape them with a stylus and foam sheet. I might make a tutorial on how to do one day if you guys would like to know how to make them.


Back to the pot talk…. Here you see a range of the pots I have done so far. If you want to make your own miniature clay pots, you can see how I do in my latest tutorial here.

At little this and a little that…

FullSizeRender (15)

Though it is still winter here in Denmark, the days are getting longer and gives promises of spring arriving soon. I miss working in my garden and while longing for the weather to permit me to do some garden chores, I have to settle with doing some miniature garden preparations.

Tasha is also longing for spring, and she spends hours looking through some of her old botanical magazines and seed catalogs. She has for years and years studied these magazines again and again and they are pretty worn by now.

FullSizeRender (16)

Tasha is also preparing for this seasons seed sowing and she has imported a pallet full of her favorite organic potting soil, which she will be selling from her flower shop “La Petite Rue Sauvage”.


Tasha and I are making a roof garden on top of the flower shop. We have done some ground scaping work and putting up an iron fence.

Today we planted a lot of boxwood in pots and urns. They are a special sort of boxwood which is developed and grown by me and Tasha using wheat bulgur.

We would love to share with you how to grow these boxwood and have made a video tutorial on how to do.

FullSizeRender (13)

To see how you can grow your own boxwood, go to our YouTube channel here.

FullSizeRender (14)


Miniature echeveria

I am currently working at my miniature flower shop project “Petite Rue Sauvage” and I have been making a whole lot of miniature succulents/echeverias for the shop. I have used different colors of card stock and different paper punches to get a wide variation of echeverias.

Miniature echeveria 1

I also made the drawer with tiny rooms for displaying cards, signs, letters and mini pots on the counter.

I really love the tiniest echeverias, but I have to admit, they can be quite difficult to make the smaller they get.

Miniature echeveria 2

If you would like to have a go on making echeverias from card stock, you might like my new video tutorial.

You´ll find it on my YouTube channel here. 

Miniature echeveria


How to make faux rust effect


I have made a new video tutorial on how to make rust effect on your miniatures. I have previously used Scenic Rust but it is both expensive and chemically not good to inhale while working. So I tried another method which includes cinnamon. And I love it!!! Also the fact that it is way better environmental and health wise than a chemical product.


I rusted a few metal furniture’s for my flower shop, In the video I´ll show you some types of different items rusted with the cinnamon. It works great on both metal, plastic, paper and cardstock.

FullSizeRender (6)

These are some of the items I have rusted. Please check out my video here. Hope you´ll like it.

Miniature hugs



Antique miniature books

I have made 8 antique miniature books as digital downloads. They are available in my Etsy shop and as metioned in the previous post, I have also made a video tutorial on how to make the books. Both my shop and the video is to be found here on my website

Book of poultry

Wright´s Book of Poultry 1880

Florist botanicals

J. Duke Compleat Florist Botanicals 1747

La temple des muses

Les Temples Des Muses 1733

Fruit growers guide

Wright´s Fruit Grower´s Guide 1891

Medical botany

Woodville Medical Botany 1790

Musical entertainer

Bickham´s Musical Entertainer 1737


Philipo Bonnani Shells 1684

Harmonia ruralis

James Bolton Harmonia Ruralis 1845

Miniature book tutorial

Musical book 1

I am currently working on a series of miniature books that will be available as digital downloads in my Etsy shop.

This book “Bickham´s musical entertainer 1737” has 22 pages with baroque love songs and beautiful vignettes on each page. It measures 2,4 X 1,5 cm.

Musical book 2

On the first picture the book pages has been aged. I have made a video tutorial on how to make the books. You´ll find a link to the video under “Tutorials”.

Musical book 3