A very first video tutorial


I have made my very first miniature video tutorial. There is certainly room for improvement I admit, but it was quite fun to do.

I need to learn a whole lot of technical things for making future videos, but I guess it´ll be learning by doing along the way.

Our new kitten Ophelia is featured guest star and she will probably be a regular guest in my videos.

If you´ll like to see the tutorial on how to make miniature fall leaves, it is uploaded here.

Tasha Tudor cottage makeover


I had this house stashed in a corner and I´ve previously tried to sell it without luck. When I was planning the Tasha Tudor Cottage and were looking for a new  dollhouse, I suddenly came on the idea of using the tucked away house and redo it totally. This is what it used to look like. Plain and dull with paper roof and facade. I didn´t like anything about this house except the fact that it was made of solid MDF.


A look inside before the makeover. I removed the front, disassembled the  entire house and cut off the down floor.  I then cut holes for new windows and door as I wanted windows on the back wall and the gables.


I then painted the entire house with a brown acrylic paint as a base color under the cladding. I used wooden coffee stirrers for cladding.


A lot of wood cutting done and the cladding is ready for staining.

Cottage 1


The front of the house how it looks like now. Still need some details around the windows and the door is missing.


I have bought windows that opens. Painted them a pale dusty green and aged them on the outside. seeing these pictures makes me think I might do some more aging on the frames.


I stained the wood but at first it was too red to my liking and I had to give it 2 times more with a homemade wood wash made from brown and black acrylic paint diluted with water.


Close up of the paper roof before the makeover. I painted it with a silver/black acrylic as a base color.


And this is the slate roof at the moment. The slates are made from foam sheets. An idea I got from Elizabeth from Studio E. She has a really inspiring and detailed blog  and she is worth a visit…. or many visits in fact. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing.

I will make a blog post on the roof progress later on, until then, go check out how Elizabeth did.

Meet Tasha Tudor


Let me introduce to you: Tasha Tudor in scale 1:12 has taken the trip from Sweden to Denmark. She is going to live in her wood cottage surrounded by her wonderful flower garden. Take a closer look at these tiny facial features. She is amazingly done and I love her soul full expression.



This wonderful little lady with her tiny wrinkled face and wise deep eyes is made by the talented Marie Creutz. Marie is not as well known for her wonderful dolls as she is known for her skills in miniature shoe making. If you want to see more of Maries miniature work, visit her Etsyshop Minis2you.


Tasha is dressed in a pretty linen blouse with tiny flowers and lace, skirt and an checkered apron. She is wearing a head scarf and no shoes. She a daughter of nature and prefers to walk barefooted in the garden. When she arrived here I gave her a dark blue handknitted shawl to keep her warm in the misty september mornings.



I hope you will enjoy following the making of my Tasha Tudor Cottage project

Miniature hugs


Miniature chrysanthemum tutorial

Miniature crysanthemum 1

I have been making miniature chrysanthemums for the Tasha Tudor garden. There are many different looks and ways to make the chrysanthemum, this is my version. The pink in the back is made from pale pink copy paper and the one in front, is the one I´ll show in this tutorial. It is made from pale yellow copy paper. The foliage is punched from distressed green card stock.

Miniature crysanthemum 2

These are the things you´ll need to make the chrysanthemum: Thin foam board or mouse mat. Green wire gauge 30-32. Paper punches, tweezers and a tool for shaping the petals. I forgot a needle in the picture, but you´ll need that too.

Miniature crysanthemum 3

This is the flowers and leaves you´ll need to make one large flower. You can use a regular printer paper in the color choice of your own. I have used a pale yellow paper and then I colorize it further when it is done. You can also color the paper with watercolor before making the flower. There is no right way to do it, but I advice to make some testings to find the method and colors that you prefer.

Miniature crysanthemum 4

First you´ll need to make holes in the center of each flower. I use a double layer of foam board when doing that. You need holes that are big enough to get the wire stem through.

Miniature crysanthemum 5

No it is time for shaping your flowers. The two flowers with 6 petals is for the center. Shape each petal by pressing the tool on each petal tip. You´ll need the flower to curl up like a tiny ball.

Miniature crysanthemum 6

Stick the wire through your flower and glue to the tip. Attach both center flowers and note to place the petals displaced. (Is that really the right word?) The two flowers should be shaped like a small closed center, use your fingers to do that.

Miniature crysanthemum 7

Leave them to dry while shaping 3 of the flowers with 8 petals. (Sorry for the blurry picture) Shape these as before by pressing your tool down on each petal. Use your tweezers to make them like 3 different stages of open. You can shape them further with tweezers or fingers when they are glued to the wire stem.

Miniature crysanthemum 8

A close up on how to glue the flowers to the stem. Add a tiny touch of glue with a toothpick on the bottom of the previous flower before pushing the next in place. You might have to use the tweezers to get the petals in place. Now you have 2+3 flowers in place. Leave them to dry.

Miniature crysanthemum 9

The last two flowers is shaped as before, but these are then turned upside down and pressed down carefully in the center.  I hope the pictures explains the process better than my english.

Miniature crysanthemum 10

Bottom flowers are now glued in place with the petals pointing downwards. This is the time for shaping the flower to the wanted look. Use your tweezers to place the petals until you are satisfied with the result. Google some chrysanthemum pictures to get inspiration for the final shaping.

Miniature crysanthemum 11

And then it is time for coloring if you haven´t done it previously. I used artist chalk in yellow , ocher and rusty colors.

Miniature crysanthemum 12

Carefully brushed on to the flower until you are satisfied with the color tones.

Miniature crysanthemum 13

These two flowers are colored with the same chalks, the color difference is determined by the color of the paper I have used.

Miniature crysanthemum 14

Unfortunately I didn´t get a picture of when I shaped the foliage/leaves. As mentioned they are made from heavier paper than the flowers. I have used a antique green distressed card stock that gives a natural dark green look.

Press while drawing a line along the middle of the leaves with a needle. Use your fingers to shape each leave before gluing to the stem. I always use tacky glue for flower making, but any quick drying glue can be used as long as it dries up clear. For a final finishing touch I sprayed the flowers with a clear spray glue.

If you have any questions to the tutorial please leave a comment, and I´ll try to clarify the process.

You don´t have to have a question to comment, I love getting comments from my readers and I will answer all of you.

Have a nice week


Collecting miniature details


Maybe you know the impatience from the time a new miniature idea gets stuck in the head, through the long proces of planning the house, the rooms, the interior, not to forget all the construction work, painting, flooring, panelling to do and doing hundreds and hundreds of tiny details before the house house can be filled with miniature treasures.

I admit being impatient and I am always excited for that time in the proces, when I can start decorating and place all the tiny details. But this project is in it´s very very early beginning and Tashas Cottage hasn´t even been build yet. But I have been going through my boxes to look for miniatures to go with the kitchen planning. I have also bought a few new things for the cottage kitchen. To stay inspired and on track with the theme, I love to display the items as motivation.


I have been looking at photos from Tasha Tudors original kitchen and wanted a dry sink and water pump. I found this Chrysnbon kit and I love the detailing in these kits even though it is plastic. I bought this kit and a couple more for Tashas cottage kitchen at Miniseum. After painting and aging I guess not many would assume this is a plastic piece.

As mentioned I am not going to be 100% copying the original house and interior, but more being inspired by the cottage style and Tashas lifestyle, and the color I chose for this is not like her original kitchen sink, but I really love this dusty blue and it felt so right for this furniture.

What do you think about the wood counter top and sink? I had a hard time making it look like aged wood, but finally got a result I can accept. If you have any tips on how to paint Chrysnbon to look like wood, please let me know.


The shelve in the back and the towel rack is both from same Chrysnbon kit as the kitchen sink, so is the coffee grinder. The house maid box is from Jane Harrop and I previously made a blog post about. You can find it here.  The oval basket and the picnic basket is resin and repainted by me to look more authentic. The kitchen brush in the tiny basket is made by my mum and the pill bottle is made by dutch Hanneke Verheem who also makes the most wonderful and realistic winebottles. She doesn´t have a webpage but she can be found on Facebook.


More kitchen items. The cabinet in the back is bought years ago from a miniature club in Denmark. The chicken is also an old thing that will go perfectly in Tashas kitchen. The cutting board and the tiny amazing wooden mortar with pestle is from Weston Miniature. You can find their shop on Etsy here.

The wooden bowls are also found on Etsy and made in Latvia by Sawdustminis.

The beautiful blue ceramic pot with lid I bought at the Miniature fair in Farum Denmark. It is made by french Elizabeth Causerlet. The green glass bottle, also bought at the fair, is made by dutch Leo Reijnders.

On top of the cabinet is a sponge cake with coffee glaze and cherries made by 2smartminiatures.


In the background you can see a pretty picnic blanket that is not exactly a kitchen prob. It is made by Pat Tyler who has a shop on Etsy. He has a lot of wonderful miniatures, and is worth a visit.

More resin baskets repainted, you can´t have too many basket in a cottage home. The pretty dough bowls and pitcher is made by danish Lisbeth Pedersen and can be purchased on minipot.dk.


And then to the food department. Baskets with apples and berries is from Abasketof from UK. You find their Etsy shop here. Eggs are my own creation and made some 30 years ago. The delicious pie with sugar sprinkle is made by Christel Jensen from The Mini Mice. The juicy roasted chicken and the bread behind is both made by Tanja from Sugarcharmshop. And finally the honey glass with spoon is made by Carlotta from Cinen.

All the miniature items above will find a place in the Tasha Tudor cottage kitchen one day along with hopefully many more tiny wonders.

Wonderful 1th. september to you all




Tasha Tudor Cottage


I wrote in my previous blog post about a new project I am planning. I recently bought this book about Tasha Tudors Garden and I have been doing a lot of google research to get to know this amazing and excentric woman better. She is worth getting to know and remember “Google is your friend”.

Tasha Tudor

The picture above is found and borrowed on Pinterest

I can now reveal my intentions on making a Tasha Tudor cottage and garden in scale 1:12. I won´t be doing an exact copy of her house but I will let the inspiration decide the final design for the cottage I am making. 

I had a cheap and simple dollhouse hidden in a corner, and decided to bring new life to it, so that´s the house I will transform into a cottage. I have taken it apart and will be cutting off a floor and make some new window holes. I have purchased some wooden windows to use, not quite like the authentic windows, but I wanted windows that could be opened.

I will along with the progress take pictures and make blog posts about my work and methods. Hope you feel like following my work in the future process. Now back to painting and aging windows.

Miniature hugs Annie


Shoeshine box for future project

I admit I haven´t been very much into making miniatures during this summer. I have enjoyed the garden and family life though the weather here in Denmark hasn´t been all that great and hot. Now summer vacation is over and I am planning a new project. Going through my stuff I found a few lovely kits, that I purchased at the fair in Farum this spring.


The kits are from Jane Harrop who I got to meet at the fair. This sweet and really skilled lady and I did some miniature swapping. I was very enchanted by her wonderful kits and displays. Visit her webpage to see more here.


I made this house maid box kit, inspired by the one Jane exhibited at her booth at the fair.


And I also made the washboard kit. These kits are so delicate and nicely packed in pretty brown envelopes. And they are very easy to make following the instructions and drawings. The fun part is painting and aging to get the finish you want.


I made the washboard according to the instruction and then aged it until I was satisfied with the result.


Since I am using the house maid box for a special projekt I am planning. I wanted it to look aged and like it´s being used often. I painted and distressed the box, made a few dirty cloths and made some details to put in the box.


As you probably have noticed it is containing items for shoeshining. I made a tiny box “Nugget liquid”, some shoeshine polish tins, a tiny brush and a piece of soap.


The soap is also from Jane Harrop. It is laser cut wood with tiny letters engraved. I sanded the edges carefully and painted the soap with cream acrylic.


The print for the box was found on Pinterest. I copy and scale in a word document and then I change the color a bit to make it look vintage. Print, cut out and glue. The white edges is distressed a bit to blend with the aged look.


I also made 3 small shoe polish tins and a brush. The brush is made from a piece of wood and some hairs from an old worn out painting brush.


The tins are made from tiny jewelry parts.I cut off the eye and glued two pieces together. Then painted them antique silver (I use silver and black acrylic paint to make the aged silver color). The print is found on google images and again I played with the colors in word and made some in different colors to look like same brand but different tones of polish.


And the winner is…..


Sorry for the delay on announcing a winner, but today is the big day to reveal who is the lucky one.

I had my cat Kastanje (Chestnut) helping me to pick the winner number and she chose…..

Ta daaaaaa….. number 26…..

The winner is….

KIRSTEN MIRAN from Latyrusliving

Will you please Kirsten send me your adress informations and I will send you your gift.