Progress on the Mouse Mansion…

It has been quite a while, since I, ve been working on The Mouse Mansion. But the poor mice is in need of
a home, so I had to do something.
I startet working on the facade once again. I finished the plastering and made it dry for a day before I sanded
it to smoothen.

When coloring the plaster I use a very thin water diluted paint. I used 3 different tones for this finish.
A pale grey, a dark grey and a beige. It´is important to work wet in wet  to avoid lines in the toning.
I was in doubt whether to keep the house in the beige/grey tones and had to have a go with the shutters
before  I could deside. The window frames I painted with a mix of wallpaint and the plaster to get
a sanded effect.


Having looked at the house for a cpuple of days, I finally desided to give it an yellow tone on top.
I used an okker acrylic paint diluted with lots of water.
Think it´s much better with the yellow to the blue shutters.
Actually I gave the house two layers of the yellow. It´is now a warm sunny yellow color. First I have
painted the shutters in a blue color crackled on top of a Brown. But I found the blue was quite dark,
and I wanted a more greyish weathered look.
I then painted a light grey/blue colore on top but then lost the crackle effect. What to do?

Desperately I took the shutters to the kitchen sink and tried to wash away the lightblue paint. Rubbing easily
I ended up with this result, which I´m quite content with. The windows aren´t finished yet.
I don´t like the printed plastic and will make some new with wooden mullions.
I´m also going to make a small rusty balcony for each window. 

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