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I admit I haven´t been very much into making miniatures during this summer. I have enjoyed the garden and family life though the weather here in Denmark hasn´t been all that great and hot. Now summer vacation is over and I am planning a new project. Going through my stuff I found a few lovely kits, that I purchased at the fair in Farum this spring.


The kits are from Jane Harrop who I got to meet at the fair. This sweet and really skilled lady and I did some miniature swapping. I was very enchanted by her wonderful kits and displays. Visit her webpage to see more here.


I made this house maid box kit, inspired by the one Jane exhibited at her booth at the fair.


And I also made the washboard kit. These kits are so delicate and nicely packed in pretty brown envelopes. And they are very easy to make following the instructions and drawings. The fun part is painting and aging to get the finish you want.


I made the washboard according to the instruction and then aged it until I was satisfied with the result.


Since I am using the house maid box for a special projekt I am planning. I wanted it to look aged and like it´s being used often. I painted and distressed the box, made a few dirty cloths and made some details to put in the box.


As you probably have noticed it is containing items for shoeshining. I made a tiny box “Nugget liquid”, some shoeshine polish tins, a tiny brush and a piece of soap.


The soap is also from Jane Harrop. It is laser cut wood with tiny letters engraved. I sanded the edges carefully and painted the soap with cream acrylic.


The print for the box was found on Pinterest. I copy and scale in a word document and then I change the color a bit to make it look vintage. Print, cut out and glue. The white edges is distressed a bit to blend with the aged look.


I also made 3 small shoe polish tins and a brush. The brush is made from a piece of wood and some hairs from an old worn out painting brush.


The tins are made from tiny jewelry parts.I cut off the eye and glued two pieces together. Then painted them antique silver (I use silver and black acrylic paint to make the aged silver color). The print is found on google images and again I played with the colors in word and made some in different colors to look like same brand but different tones of polish.


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    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Tak Anne 🙂 Kun kassen og vaskebrættet er kits fra Jane Harrop. Du kan læse i indlægget hvordan jeg har lavet de små ting i kassen.

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