The Suitcase Project

suitcase project 5 smallThe creativity never stop and suddenly an old suitcase become a part of the next project. And since we live on a small train station – what is more natural than building a magic story around that theme.

This evening we wanted to give you a little sneak peak of the project, but it seems that our cat wanted to take part in the adventure.

suitcase project 6 smallIn Danish her name is Kastanje – In English it is Chestnut.

suitcase project 3 smallCan you imagine how difficult it can be for Annie to work with her miniatures with this little bandit playing around in the workshop?

suitcase project 2 smallShe can be very demanding and a real pain in the a… but then again – so adorable.

suitcase project 7 smallWhen it comes to the suitcase project we might give you some hint as to what Annie is puzzling with. She is very busy prepairing for someone to move in.

suitcase project 9 smallBut it looks like it can be hard to finish the new apartment in time – someone who do not want to pay for the rent has already moved in.

suitcase project 8 smallAnd it looks like she want to tell us that we can forget all about letting other moving in here.

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