Tasha Tudor cottage makeover


I had this house stashed in a corner and I´ve previously tried to sell it without luck. When I was planning the Tasha Tudor Cottage and were looking for a new  dollhouse, I suddenly came on the idea of using the tucked away house and redo it totally. This is what it used to look like. Plain and dull with paper roof and facade. I didn´t like anything about this house except the fact that it was made of solid MDF.


A look inside before the makeover. I removed the front, disassembled the  entire house and cut off the down floor.  I then cut holes for new windows and door as I wanted windows on the back wall and the gables.


I then painted the entire house with a brown acrylic paint as a base color under the cladding. I used wooden coffee stirrers for cladding.


A lot of wood cutting done and the cladding is ready for staining.

Cottage 1


The front of the house how it looks like now. Still need some details around the windows and the door is missing.


I have bought windows that opens. Painted them a pale dusty green and aged them on the outside. seeing these pictures makes me think I might do some more aging on the frames.


I stained the wood but at first it was too red to my liking and I had to give it 2 times more with a homemade wood wash made from brown and black acrylic paint diluted with water.


Close up of the paper roof before the makeover. I painted it with a silver/black acrylic as a base color.


And this is the slate roof at the moment. The slates are made from foam sheets. An idea I got from Elizabeth from Studio E. She has a really inspiring and detailed blog  and she is worth a visit…. or many visits in fact. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing.

I will make a blog post on the roof progress later on, until then, go check out how Elizabeth did.

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2 thoughts on “Tasha Tudor cottage makeover

  1. elizabeth s

    Hi Annie! I AM THRILLED that you have opted to use the foam sheet roof tiles for your converted Tasha Tudor cottage! It looks FABULOUS and it pleases me to no end, that you liked the idea enough to give it a try. And truly that is THE VERY BEST compliment of all! 😀


    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      HI Elizabeth. I was so excited when I found your idea on using foam and it´s such an easy material to work with. I´m not quite finished with the roof yet, but I will make a blog post when it is done soon.

      So glad you´re following my blog 🙂

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