Tasha Tudor Cottage


I wrote in my previous blog post about a new project I am planning. I recently bought this book about Tasha Tudors Garden and I have been doing a lot of google research to get to know this amazing and excentric woman better. She is worth getting to know and remember “Google is your friend”.

Tasha Tudor

The picture above is found and borrowed on Pinterest

I can now reveal my intentions on making a Tasha Tudor cottage and garden in scale 1:12. I won´t be doing an exact copy of her house but I will let the inspiration decide the final design for the cottage I am making. 

I had a cheap and simple dollhouse hidden in a corner, and decided to bring new life to it, so that´s the house I will transform into a cottage. I have taken it apart and will be cutting off a floor and make some new window holes. I have purchased some wooden windows to use, not quite like the authentic windows, but I wanted windows that could be opened.

I will along with the progress take pictures and make blog posts about my work and methods. Hope you feel like following my work in the future process. Now back to painting and aging windows.

Miniature hugs Annie


6 thoughts on “Tasha Tudor Cottage

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      I was really enchanted by Tasha Tudor way of living, when I first read about her. I find it challenging to make my miniature version in respect for the real person behind.

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