The old store – and the new one

The journey of We Love Miniatures all started in 2013, when Annie opened her first store in an old trailer that we have in the backyard. Below is a youtube video we made back in summer 2013.

We are sure that at that time it had to be the smallest miniature shop in the world and it also became too small for Annie and her adventures miniature journey.

the shop1So after a few months she moved in to our house – The Old Trainstation and today the former waiting room has been transfered to a fabulous shop and creative working place. Above you get a glimpse of how we both sit and work with all the online stuff. This is also the place where Annie has her popular workshops.

the shop2The shop is packed with all kind of old things and miniatures – nicely arranged to give that special atmosphere that Annie wants.

the shop3The creative corner where Annie has her own domain.

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