The winner…..and second price winners….

A bit delayed sorry, but my birthday didn´t leave me time to do the draw on the date….

For the first time I tried to do the drawing with a number randomizer. First I had to count all your comments and a few of you had commented twice, so I had to go through the names, give a number for each of you and be aware that everybody had only one number/chance of participating. So first comment got a number, second comment was “deleted”….
Then I found the randomizer page and entered the number of participants. And made the virtual draw.

To bad I couldn´t manage to find out how to copy the randomizer pic as “legal documentation for at fair competition”…. But I trust you to trust me to be an honest person… I AM!

And now for the winning number…..
Ta daaaaaa..…. Numbeeeeeerrrrr………17
The winner of the give-away is…… Catherine
Please Catherine, send me your address at and I will send the gift for you!
And since I´m in a giving mood I have decided to give a Paris DIY kit for the follower before and after Catherine. Number 16 and 18 will also recieve a gift.
So please Genevieve and Emily Miller,
also send me your addresses.

25 thoughts on “The winner…..and second price winners….

  1. Norma

    Congratulations to the lucky winners! I don’t know how, but I managed to miss the giveaway news Annie, it was as lovely prize and captures your style perfectly. xx

  2. Catherine

    HO , c’ est moi ! La gagnante !
    C’ est une très bonne nouvelle … Je connais tellement de Catherine en miniature que je n’ ai pas pensé tout de suite
    Que c’ était moi la gagnante . Je suis très chanceuse et heureuse .
    MERCI ,


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