As you could read in the previous post, we have been attending the dollhouse fair i Farum Denmark this weekend. We arrived home sunday evening, tired and sore in both feet and back. But non the less also very happy and our heads filled with lots of  inspiration and great meetings with wonderful people from the miniature world.

The next couple of days I will be unpacking and putting miniatures that wasn´t sold back in my showroom displays. At the same time I can get some cleaning and dusting done before putting thing in cabinets and on shelves. The first thing to unpack was of course my new miniatures, either bought, swapped or given as a gift from friends. I will show you some of the lovely things I purchased.


These wonderful items are all from my lovely swedish friend Anne, who I was so lucky to meet IRL for the first time. You can see more of Anne´s pretty work on her blog Atelje Lilla Hjartat.


The tiny girls dress is made of Marie from Minis2you (you know the lady with the tiniest and pretty clocks) If you don´t know Maries work do visit her Etsy Store Minis2you. Marie´s minaitures are just as wonderful as she is herself.

The teeny tiny metal baby shoes I bought from Minimani. They are so adorable and goes beautiful with the dress.

In the front a basket with pretty roses and umbrella with stand from Aleksandra Nobaek. She also has an Etsy shop ParisGreyMinis.


The glass collection is from a new exhibitor Leo Reijnders , a very nice and friendly man from Netherland. I really love the clear bottles in front, they look like old danish milk bottles. I regret that I only bought two of those. Unforunately Leo doesn´t have a website.


I immidiately fell in love when I saw the green pitcher and I had to have it! Then I fell in love again….and again….and…. I could have bought loads of this french ceramic ware. They were sold (not made) by OSWI from Netherland.


All that shopping around would make any woman hungry, so I went to visit Celine and Tanja. They are not just twon sweet young girls, they are also skilled crafters when it comes to making miniature food. You can find Celine here, and Tanja on Sugarcharmshop. Both girls makes video tutorials on Youtube, and they are sure worth checking out.


I knew I had to buy a lot of flower pots for my flower making and in Denmark we have our own pottery maker Minipot. I love these flower pots, they are handmade and varies in size and shape. I also bought the metal window frame for my flowershop perhaps.


Once again I lost my heart, this time for a pair of skies, but when I went to buy them the last pair were already sold.  Instead I bought this detailed fine round suitcase from Miniatyrmakarna


One of the best experiences at this fair was to meet Jane and her husband Bob. She is the nicest warmheartet helpful lady. Thank you Jane for your dedication and encouragement. Jane and Bob makes the most wonderful miniature kits in scale 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48. I got a few, but now I wish I had gotten a lot more. There is this old dust cleaner or carpet sweeper that I have been thinking of since. Guess I´ll have to visit their website.

This was a little show and tell from my shopping tour on the fair. Which was only possible because my wonderful husband Finn was brave enough to cover for me while being away from my stand.

8 thoughts on “Unpacking…

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      I know you bought a lot of nice items too. Looking forward to you showing them on your blog Anne. Hugs to you <3

  1. Karin

    Hello Annie,
    You did buy such a lovely things on the fair. I would love to go to this fair once. Maby next year.
    I do know the milkbottles. They are so beautifull. There is a Dutch lady who also sells the milkbottles Leo made. She also sells a basket where two of the bottles fits perfectly. I be so free to give you the link to her site.
    If you wish you can buy some more bottles in here webshop.
    Kind regards, Karin

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi Karin, and thank you for your comment and sharing the link. I will immidiately take a look at Minidoor.nl which I didn´t know before.

      Thanks again
      Best wishes Annie

  2. Flora

    Hi Annie,
    as I was falling into hibernation, I did not know of the many changes in your life and initially I’m desperate: I was afraid I’d lost you. But fortunately you have left traces as Tom Thumb, and I followed you up to here 🙂
    I’m sorry to have lost you as a blogger, but I am happy that you are able to turn your passion in your work, as you wanted. I will try to follow you here, but in any case, know that you are always in my heart 🙂
    Best wishes to become the future.
    Lovely hugs from your friend,

    1. Annie Christensen Post author

      Hi dearest Flora… so glad you found me agin, if you thought you have lost me 🙂 I do follow you and read your blog but I am not always good at commenting 🙁 I´ll try to be better and remember, you are also always in my heart <3 We have been blogging and folloing each other for aome years and I alway think of you as my Italian friend 🙂

      Love and miniature hugs

  3. Mary Ann

    Loved seeing all your goodies!
    I’m envious!! Couldn’t make it to Farum this year, but definitely will go in 2016!!
    All the best from Holbæk!

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