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Miniature zinc pots

As most of you have noticed, I have made a lot of video tutorials the past weeks. I am having great fun doing this and I truly enjoy sharing my tips and tricks with you guys. And even more I love seeing what you have made out of my tutorials.

I have made some small zinc flower pots from the same template as i used for the clay pots. Doing that I decided to do a tutorial on how to paint zinc effect. You will find a link for the zinc paint effect under “tutorials”.

MIniature lanterne1

A couple of years ago I made lanterns and I used to sell these as a kit for sale. Now I have made a tutorial on how to make them and a free template for you to download. I recommend to print the template on card stock. You can print more than one template on your card stock, just turn the paper around and print again. That way you donΒ΄t get that much paper waste.

MIniature lantern2

This lantern is aged as shown in the tutorial and then rusted with “Scenic rust”. You can also rust your lanterns using the cinnamon method from one of my previous videos.

Bike crate2

And then a few flowers and herbs Tasha and I potted yesterday for an upcoming fair. I am going to exhibit my flower shop and Tasha is of course going with me. More about this in another post, where I will also show you her new suitcase and spring green shawl.

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